Zain – The Worst Mobile Operator in Jordan

For a couple of weeks now, Zain is facing huge technical issues. Having a simple phone call is now a real burden. The number you have dialed cannot be reached is a message I hear at least 10 times a day. I am not sure how deep their technical problems are, but I am damn sure that many customers are pretty pissed! We have not heard any apologies regarding their garbage services, although they really have no issues in their billing systems. I called their customer services yesterday, and as always you can never hear a good answer that satisfies your level of intelligence, there is also no way you can reach a manager, or a senior that can contain your anger or answer your questions.

I urge Zain to stop welcoming new customers, until they fix their problems. If you happen to be a foreigner in Amman, or are considering your options, please take Zain off your list. They are having issues retaining their own customers. I am now obliged to carry another mobile phone from Orange to make sure I am receiving important phone calls for work.

Zain Sucks

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