Monster ChargeIt Case Review for iPhone

I bought this off a bargain on eBay deals. It was 100 and I bought it for 20$ brand new. My opinion? Never buy it in your entire your life, even if your battery drains like if there is a hole in it.It is really huge, it can never fit it in your jeans or your jacket.It also has a big buckle on the back where it is impossible to remove it without tearing the cover.Who the hell wears those anyway!

Also, the usb cable is really short and does not hold on to the cover when you want to charge! There is a big flow in design where the cable hole’s location is poorly selected.The usb cable will be loosely connected to the charger and you will never know when it is charging or not! There is no indication what so ever if it is charged, charging or running out of battery! You have to plug in your iphone in the cover and check your iphone’s battery to make sure that the cover is being charged.

Bottom line, do not buy this product, even if you found a really good bargain.I think it is a waste of money.You can only use it as a good weapon though!