Make iPhone 2G really fast

If you hate how iPhone 2G is unbelievably slow, compared to its successors (iPhone 3G, 3Gs and 4). 2G can really get into your never if you used one of the fast devices. I sold my 3Gs a couple of days ago and I was really bothered by the 2G’s lousy performance.

This tweak is not a miracle, your iPhone 2G will remain a 2G but it will perform much faster. I assume you have your iPhone Jailbroken.

Go to Cydia

Add this source htt://

Download FakeClockUp

To make this Tweak work

Go to your iPhone’s settings and look for FakeClockUp, change the speed as you wish

Do not worry, this will in no way harm your device, Guranteed!

This will work on all other iPhones, with the same effect.

make iPhone fast