MBP keeps spitting CD’s

Mac Superdrive is not super at all. There are thousand of threads of customers complaining about theirĀ  “Superdrive” either spitting cd’s, not being able to burn empty cd’s, and many other problems . Like always, Apple is not confirming the problem, nor is providing any fixes. If you still have your warranty honored, you will be lucky to save around 200$ for a new Superdrive. Just take your laptop to a genius bad and have it diagnosed, the apple “geniuses” will be more likely to change it. Unfortunately, I did not pay for the 3 year apple care extension and now I had to do deal with this, I am not going to pay for a driver, instead I am looking for easy fixes online. Here is an interesting one I found

step 1: insert your install disk 1 from apple. it your drive sees it goto step 2. if no disk appears make reservation at genius bar.

step 2: eject disk shut down comp. restart, press and hold down apple+option+p+r until you hear 2 chimes. release buttons. try a commercial cd(store bought music), if it fails try another commercial cd to be sure its not the disk. do the same procedure with a dvd. next do the same procedure with a blank cd. open system preferences cd/dvd change top two options to, ask what to do, just in case they been changed.

Please let me know if it fixes your problem!