5 Must-Have Tweaks for iPhone

5. Infinidock

Infinidock lets you have infinite icons on your dock. You can specify the number of icons from settings

4.  Barrel

If you want to differentiate your iPhone from the rest, this one is for you. Developed by Aaron Ash, Barrel will give your iPhone a 3D cube effect. It will tweak the way your springboard is set. It is highly customizable

3. Multifl0w

Multitasking is never better with Multifl0w. Multifl0w will give you a better control over iPhone’s native multitasking, and will allow you to easily select apps are running in the background.

2. Manual Correct

Apple’s auto correct sucks! Manual correct will give you a lot more control on what you write, it will give you the ability to manually correct the word if you want it corrected, suggestions will be manually corrected and not just automatically corrected by iPhones Auto Correct.

1. FakeClockUp

FakeClockUp will speed up your animation speed, giving you a faster loading time and a faster iPhone feel. It will make your iPhone 2g look as fast as a new iPhone 4! Jumping between menus and loading apps will never feel as before. T

If you need any help with setting up those tweaks drop a comment below.