An easy way to install windows XP on MAC for freet

I was required to use lousy Internet Explorer for my humanitarian logistics online course by fritz. I first thought of using again my windows desktop. It took too much space so I decided to look for virtual machines for my MBP. I stumbled on Parallels desktop, this software is neat! I downloaded it in no time and copied a cooked version for Windows XP from Parallels desktop can be a bit expensive for some people, 80$ on their website. You can either buy their software, which I recommend, or download it from the links that I will post below.

To run windows XP on your mac for free you need to do the following, please bear in mind that this might take some time and might be not suitable for beginners. The best way to use their software is to buy it.

1. You need to have a Bittorrent software, I use uTorrent, best in my opinion, search google.

2.If you have a Windows XP cd, it is time to use it, if not, I downloaded this cooked version, no need to have a cd key.

3.Download Parallels 5 from here

This Parallels software has a cd key. You need to use it to activate your program. You also need to block all the connections from Parallels at this point. The software will try to connect to the servers to make check the key you provided, if the connection isĀ  successful, you will not be able to use the software. To make sure you will never connect to their software. Use a program called Little Snitch, search google.

For windows XP, if you happen to use my link and downloaded the version I provided. You need to have an ISO burner and burn the files to a CD. Good luck