Install Mac apps for free

On the day of Apple’s App store launch on Mac operating systems (10.6.6), hackers have developed a way to hack their paid apps. Unluckily, I cannot find websites where those apps are available for download. The process to download those paid apps is very easy, it includes copying some contents from a free app and pasting it into another paid app that can be downloaded online.Here is a simple guide

1. Download the latest Mac OSX software 10.6.6 (Click on the Apple logo, go to about, check for updates)

2.You will have to restart your laptop to see the App store logo.

3. Open the newly installed program, and download Twitter for free.

4.Now go to where you have installed it, must be in the application folder, if you cannot find it, look for it on the spot light.

5. Right click Twitter’s folder, and click on package contents

6. Copy the first 3 contents, _CodeSignature, _MASReceipt and CodeResources.

7. Go to this website, and  download Angry Birds, a paid app that costs 5 bucks

8.Again, locate the app right click and  press on package contents

9. Paste the contents you have copied from Twitter.You will be asked if you want to replace, click YES!

10. This is it. You can now install cracked apps on your mac.

Note: I will later post websites on where to download paid apps, stay tuned 🙂