iPhone Calls Going Direct To Voicemail

I had this problem too, and frankly it bothered me too much! Anytime you see the E sign on your iPhone, you might be not be able to receive your regular calls.Is there any fix to this? Unfortunately, nothing I know of.The reason behind this is that the iPhone does not handle phone calls and edge at the same time, and it is global on all mobile phones.Simply, mobile phones simply cannot handle both bandwidths at the same time.Unlike 3G and wi-fi, which disconnect the internet the moment you have an incoming call.

But if you really rely on edge and do not have 3G activated on your iPhone, there are always some ways around.You have the following options

1.Turn off notifications.By turning off notifications, internet will not be checked automatically, therefore you will receive your calls normally, even when it is locked.

2.Turn off your mail, or allow it to be checked manually.You can check your mail on any available wi-fi without interrupting your phone calls

3.I think the best option you have is by downloading SBSettings, you can find it on cydia.SBSetting allows you to have your common toggles such as edge, wi-fi, 3G and many other toggles accessed with a finger swipe.You can just turn off your Edge connection anytime you do not use it.Making this your safest bet.