Mac OS X applications cancelling restart

How many times you made sure to shut down your laptop just to be surprised with this stupid error

utorrent cancelling shutdown

Many applications prohibit MacBook from shutting down including Mail, uTorrent, Google Chrome and many others. Applications fail to properly shutdown because of many reasons. uTorrent cancels shutdown to close all its current connections, Google Chrome is poorly programmed etc..

To force fix applications to restart, you will have to use some developer tools. An easy access is to download Apple’s XCode and Property List Editor app from the apple DVDs, XCode contains some developer tools. If for any reason you prefer not to download all the package, you can easily download Pref Setter for free. It does the same thing and I will write you a tutorial using it.

For the purpose of making this tutorial clear. I am assuming that I have a problem with uTorrent, it is not shutting peacefully. I am also assuming that you have downloaded Pref Setter or Property List Editor.

1. Locate Pref Setter in spotlight

2. look for uTorrent in User Preferences, it should look like this com.bittorrent.utorrent

3. Double click the icon, a new window should open with values

4. Click on Actions, and add new Key

5. On Key  write: NSSupportsSuddenTermination and on value: true

6. You are done, Press Save. Try it with new uTorrent or any other application.

This is guaranteed, do not be afraid to use it with any application that is poorly designed. NSSupportsSuddenTermination is a command that only works on Mac OS X 10.6 or later. It allows the system to kill applications instead of asking them to quit.

Pleaste note that sometimes and quite often, you can find NSSupportsSuddenTermination in many applications plist. If you happen to find it, just change the value from false to true.

To read more about it, please refer to official Apple developer website, here

Enjoy scheduling your system to shutdown with Caffeine and actually see it shut down.