PS Vita in Amman

PS Vita hit the stores in Amman with +- 300 Jd’s price tag. It is a little pricey, but the device is awesome! The little machine carries a tremendous quad core, 512 mb RAM, and 128 VRAM! Powerful enough to run games as smooth as the PS3!

I am not sure if we can call it a tablet, but the Vita is going in direct competition with the iPad and its competitors. Vita store has now Facebook, Skype, Youtube, Flikr and Netflix, with lots to come.




I haven’t yet arrived to Amman, but I am sure Vita games will be expensive. I am therefore calling gamers in Amman interested in the device. I am actually interested to create an exchange forum for all gamers, where it will be easier to exchange PS Vita and PS3 games.

There will be no 3rd party Aladin Aqsa or MOG bullshit, no commission. Just us gamers

IF you are interested to see this happen. Please write in the comments below and share the page with gamers like you! I want to know how many gamers are interested for an online gamers bay in Jordan.