Tweak of the day: Springtomize

If you want total control of your iPhone’s apperance, you need to install Springtomize. This tweak has everything to change the way your iPhone looks. You can change your Carrier logo, your slider, resize your icons, deactivate some tweaks you do not think I need, thus freeing up memory and making your iPhone faster.

Here are some options I think are amazing from Sprintomize, there are many more to explore, but it will give you a good start


In Lock Animations, switch on Old Tv Animation, this tweak will let your iPhone lock like an old TV, you can also change the color, default is black

You can also change the screenshot flash color when your capture a screen, default is white, change it to Red or blue. Awesome!


I find some iPhone capabilities useless to me, you can deactivate what you find not useful, according to your needs. I disabled Voice control.


You can change the numbers of Icon in Dock, up to 10


Go to the bottom, under Slider, and swtich Custom Label on, and write any character you would like to see instead of Slide to unlock


switch on Use custom carrier, and write your name or whatever instead of your boring local carrier.

You must have a jailbroken iPhone to download this tweak, Follow my link to fully jailbreak your iPhone.

For more info, please comment below