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Since recently, I am receiving a lot of calls from many desperate people having troubles with their iDevices and their Apple products. When I started this blog, I was very concerned about my identity and I never used my name when I post, but since I started offering my services for a  small fee, many people are are asking me when they call me on the phone.

Therefore, I have decided to reveal my full details on this page, you can always come to this page to check who I am, check my other social profiles, and make sure I am for real.

I have received really beautiful testimonials from people who trusted me to fix their gadgets and their laptops, and that is why I really like what I am doing. I am not really not concerned about the financial matters, and I never looked at this blog as means of generating money. I helped a lot of people who called me without asking for a fee, when their troubles were not legitimate enough for even a little fee.

I am also very proud to share with you those comments from people I helped,


Hi,! Thanks so much for replying. I have another question! Is there anyway that I can sell this phone. Since Im in US it is completely no use to me. Thanks in advance.

Mahmoud Tabbal

Few days ago, I had a problem with my I phone. The screen simply went black and no response picture or audio. I was so frustrated because I purchased my phone from the US not locally. I didnot know what to do. I finally start to search the net and was lucky to find the statement: “We provide on spot services, anytime anywhere in Amman, Jordan”. I thought it is just a fake but i have no other option but to call the phone number 0798114158. A very nice young man answer and was talking with authority and confidence. I finally met him and surely with less than one hour the problem was solved and I was very happy to meet this highly bright and educated youngman. His name: Omer Olwan and his phone number is mentioned abov. I highly recommend him if you have problems with your Iphone.

Best regards

Dr. Engr. Mahmoud Tabbal


I cannot express how i m grateful for this forum and Specially for Mr.Ahmad! My Iphone got bricked and died from the wrong jailbreak – few hours before the important flight and i m out of any connection… In early morning he responded my phone call and fixed everything better than new. Professionalism and love to his work and hobby saved me a week of misery! My congrats for a great job and many many thanx for Ur kindness!

(That was my friend helping this lady when I was out of town)

Ahmed Montaser


good day people!!!!im mike.a filipino, working here in amman jordan.a couple of weeks ago,i had a problem in my iphone.i tried to search in the net of somebody who can fix the software of my mobile.luckily,i found this site.i took the number from here and i called.then somebody rendered me a service for iphone repair.at first,i thought that hes just fooling me.he took my phone and give his iphone for a replacement while waiting for mine to be fix.the next day,he gave me back my mobile that is well fixed.im so glad i had my iphone back to its normal function again.thanks so much VIN DIESEL(the guy who fix my phone is look like him hehehe)!!!!more power to you.i hope that you can help more people who have an iphone problem..shokran buddy!!!!

I just wanted to thank you, I admire how helpful you are and replying to everyone :)

Also, if you are interested to connect to me on the social websites








12 comments on “About Author

  1. Hi , I have a problem with cydia , it keeps crashing , I have looked at serveral videos on youtube and then say to use ifile ect, however these apps have to be downloaded via cydia, which I never used and therefore dont have. so there any way to fit it ??




  2. Hi afrovenator,

    what I mean by cydia crashing is that every time I go into it , it starts to load data and then shuts out of it .

    What I mean by ‘i never used it ‘ … Is simply ,it has never opened up for me to use because it keeps crashing . Most video on YouTube recommend for me to use ssh, or ifile etc to fix my problem , but these are app that need to be downloaded through cydia ….. And therefore I cannt download because I cannt open my cydia . So I need to somehow fix it from crashing by not deleting it or my deleting it and reinstaling it through blackra1n .

  3. Ya tried that , and when I connect my phone to my computer and open up iPhone explorer I don’t have the var/lib/list folders . So that won’t work either 😦

  4. Hi , downloaded ispirit , do u no how to get cydia working using it , should I delete cydia using ispirit and then reinstall it ?? If so how do I delete cydia using ispirit ??



  5. Hi I live in Jordan just want to know if you know of anyone who can take a look at my iPod 3G my 1 yr old threw it in the toilet yesterday I am soaking it in rice but I need to take it somewhere in Amman Thank you for any info…

    • Hi Jodi. read my article about water. Please do not try to turn it on as you will damage the circuits. There is a place called iphone maker in the 7th circle i suggest you taking it there.

  6. Hello!!
    I just bought and iphone 4 32GB 5.1.1 from internet in a contition stack at activation screen.The guy couldnt activated.So i am trying now.Any instruction how to do it?its factory unlock. He says he keep the shsh.

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