Buying Dre beats from eBay

Even if you buy them from a 100% seller with more than 1000 transactions, you will still be scammed. Dre beats fakes are more than the originals, way more indeed. They look almost the same, and they also sound the same, there is no appearance difference between the two, except the way they are packaged.

Yes they are hype now, but trust me that most of the time you buy them from the internet, you are buying some good manufactured headphones that cost pennies.

If you think you found a good bargain on this brands, trust me buddy, you are scammed! you are buying Dre beats that cost less than the quarter of the original price, to one wholesaler on eBay.

If you really care about buying the originals, you have two options to buy them at a reduced price, one is to find a bargain, where the seller guaranteed that they are 100%, and then go to Monster website and tap the serial number to check if you are scammed, and your other option is to never buy them, and opt for headphones that sound better and are not mass manufactured for pennies.

Take a look at this website, which sounds just like eBay, but most of the sellers are from China, selling all the fake stuff you have ever imagined, check monster fakes, and see for yourself.

My last tip is to think about it this way, if you do not care about fakes or original, why buying them at half the price? it makes more sense to buy them quarter or even less their original price, they are fakes, remember?

One last thing, never buy Solo HD from Monster, they sound like sh**, both originals and fakes!


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