Jailbreak and Unlock your iPhone on iOS 5.0.1 Untethered on Mac or Windows

This is a complete guide from A to Z to Jailbreak your iPhone and to Preserve your baseband untethered on your MAC or Windows using RedSnow. This guide is very easy to use, nothing is hidden and if you happen to get lost in one of the steps, don’t look anywhere else, just contact me by using the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Things you need to do before jailbreaking

1. A proper backup since you will lose all your data in the process. Read my previous post for help

2. RedSn0W ( Latest version here)

3. Latest iTunes version. To make sure you are using the latest version. Click on the Apple icon on the top left and go to Software Update

3. Download  ios 5.0.1 and choose your Desktop location. Download IPSW for iPhone 4g


1. Download RedSn0w and drag it to your applications.

2. Open RedSn0w and click on Everything Else
3. Click on Extras, and Select on Custom IPSW and locate your iPhone IPSW. The point of doing this is to reserve your baseband to be able to unlock it with Gevey Sim
 5. Once you create your version. It will start with NO_BB, be sure to use this version when we go to the next step.
6. Now Go to Pwned DFU (in RedSn0w) to restore your iPhone via iTunes.
7. After doing the steps by RedSn0w, open iTunes, you will receive this message
8. Now you need to restore your device, to do so on your Mac ( hold the Option key and locate your IPSW, please use the one that starts with NO_BB.
9. Sit back and relax while iTunes restores your iDevice.
10. After installing iOS 5. You need to Jailbreak your device (Note: You won’t be able to activate your device if you rely on an unlock. You need to Jailbreak your device to skip the activation process.)
11. Open RedSn0w again, and go to Jailbreak
12. Follow the steps and you are done.
13. Final Note: Go through the welcome and activate process, if you somehow cannot activate your phone, you need to rejailbeak your iPhone.
14. Now use your Gevey Sim to unlock your iPhone.
Your are DONE!
Note: If you have an originally unlocked phone you do not need to need the NO_BB IPSW. Just restore your phone with the original IPSW that you can download from the internet.

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