Low volume in your brand new iPod ?

If you are a music enthusiast and you like to listen to high volume music while doing what you do, I suggest you not to buy iPods not iPhones from the EU. In 2008, any mp3 player cannot go over 100 decibles by law, and this is pretty low! Normal iPods are 120 decibles! I see many people in Germany investing in expensive head and earphone without knowing that the EU is limiting the way they listen to their music.

“80 decibels is equivalent to the level of noise you’d hear on a busy city street;

90 decibels is lawnmower-like loudness;

110 is as ear-shattering as a loud rock concert;

120 to 130 matches the level of an airliner taking off ”

Many films, podcasts and perhaps some sorts of music is set on very low volume and the 100 limit is not enough to even hear what is going on!

I do not really understand, that they even care about our ear sensitivity we must live in a perfect world, but things are far from true.

I suggest buying neither iPods nor iPhones from EU, if you like to listen to high ass volume music in your workout!


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