How to Downgrade your iPhone from iOS 5 on Mac

If you are stuck on your iOS 5 welcome screen with no original Sim to activate your iPhone, your only chances is to downgrade your iOS to any of firmware of your interest, if you saved your SHSH of course.

The downgrade procedure is pretty straight forward, if you are familiar with Jailbreaking. The only difference is that you need to use TinyUmbrella to request the SHSH saved from Cydia, and you also need to change the hosts files in iTunes.

So to sum up, you need to have

1. Saved SHSH, if you do not have SHSH saved, do not waste your time.

2. Your iOS software:

iOS 4.3.5

iPhone 4  (GSM)

iPhone 3Gs


iOS 4.3.4

iPhone 4 (GSM)

iPhone 3Gs

iOs 4.3.3

iPhone 4 (GSM)

iPhone 3Gs

3. Pwnage Tool for mac, you should download the version corresponding with your desired iOS. I am going to use Pwnage tool 4.3.3 in my case

4. TinyUmbrella for mac, download here



Lets get started

1. We should change the hosts so they point to Cydia’s servers. Open Terminal and copy paste

sudo nano /etc/hosts and write your password, and you will be facing this screen


Navigate with the arrows till the end of the line, and add this

press control-o to Save and control-x  to Exit.

2. Now open TinyUmbrella, go to Advanced and make sure that everything is ticked except the first.

3. Start TSS Server

4. You are almost done, now you follow the normal Jailbreaking steps to  create your custom firmware from Pwnage tool and use iTunes to point to your Firmware. To Jailbreak using Pwnage tool for Mac, follow my guide here

If you need any help, please please let me know! don’t be shy




















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