Fix Crashing Apps in Mac OS X Lion

If your Preview or Textedit apps are crashing on your new Mac Lion, do not worry. The problem lies with your Root permissions.

Here is a quick fix:

1. Click on Finder, and hold the Option key, and select Library

2. Click on Get Info

3. Now, on Sharing and Permission, click on the + sign, and add your UserΒ  Name, with Read & Write permission. If the + sign is unavailable, click on the lock on the right and type your password.

This is it. If you have any questions, please use to comments below.


15 comments on “Fix Crashing Apps in Mac OS X Lion

  1. didn’t work for me – been trying to fix this now for a week. done permissions. deleted a load of older out of date files. Had a look for the ~/library/Containers/ folder which is missing.

    Even reinstalled Lion but as in place install as I cannot bear to reinstall all my apps again.
    Preview opens fine in another newer and less used account. Hmmm!

    Had people talking about deleting symlinks but I have none (have deleted all aliases).

    Seriously annoying now

  2. Hello Alejandro

    Really weird what you are facing, maybe you are adding the wrong the user? are you sure the user you try to add is the user with root permissions, the admin in the normal case?

    If you are unsure, go to Settings, Users, and add a user with Admin properties.

    Also, are you having problems with mac native apps, like Preview and Textedit? If not, then you might be facing compatibility issues with 3rd party apps. Visit this website to make sure what programs you currently have problems with

    Let me know what happens. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    • Hi thanks for the reply on this summer day while the world approaches financial armageddon, my copy of preview still won’t open. I have tried a fresh admin account and it works fine in this so it is either:
      a/ preferences corrupted
      b/ conflicting file or app somewhere in the user account

      And yes it definitely is the root user – perhaps I should open as root and change permissions that way?

  3. Hello again! You should definitely log in as root while you fix permissions. I do not think it is an issue with another conflicting apps. I believe it can be also a problem with symlinks. I saw this fix around and some users are reporting success.

    1. Create a new user name
    2. Log in to it
    3. Go to library and locate Library/Containers, copy it to your HD
    4. Now go back to your ordinary user, and locate the file you saved
    5. Copy it again to Library/Containers

    I hope this worked.

    • Hi there
      Thanks for the reply (again). I actually tried copying the container folder to no avail.
      Have also tried enabling root user and doing permissions from there. Now in process of migrating everything to another user account as this seems the only definite and finite way of getting around this problem until an update comes out.

      Lion is pretty buggy isn’t it?

      • Hello again! Did it finally work? I find it very buggy too. Mine just crashed on reboot with the spinning wheel. I had to restore it from my backup.

  4. don’t know if this will help but i had similar issues with tekstedit and preview. in my case this was the problem, i had used an app called docker to hide the menubar and it turned out when applied on textedit and preview it causes them to crash. all other programs where fine.

  5. hi there, i did this and it didn’t work for me either. Textedit and preview still not working! Thanks for the thought though!

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