How to Fix Push Notifications on Jailbroken iPhone and iPod II

Now that your iPhone properly activated with SAM (If you didn’t so already, go to part I). You need to download the following in order

1. Push Doctor ( from Cydia

2. iPusher (From iTunes)

After you download Push Doctor, restart your device and download iPusher if you haven’t done so already, open iPusher and press on Test Push Notifications

If your notifications are working, you will receive the following message, you did it!

If not, iPusher will continue showing Please Wait in a loop, you should go back to the steps and make sure you did everything as mentioned

Voila! There you have it. Let me know what you think



18 comments on “How to Fix Push Notifications on Jailbroken iPhone and iPod II

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    • Hi Carolina I am sorry for the late reply. I think that iPusher is not installed correctly. Try to install it again and let me know what happens.You might sometimes fail to receive a push certificate from apple servers.

      iPusher will continue showing Please wait when the notifications are not working.

  2. Been trying these steps for a while, but push doctor seems to be out of certificates so the installation is never successful.
    will keep trying tho..
    i also trying the method from javox using SAM works for most people but havent got that to work either

    • Soki please keep trying to download Push doctor till you successfully install the notifications. Did you do all the steps that I mentioned to activate SAM and they did not work?

  3. I tried this and it worked, ipusher says my notifications work fine…but I sent myself a message to my whatsapp and facebhook and I am still not getting my notifications unless I am inside the app. What can I do?

  4. Hi there, the message is positive but Viber still dosnet work properly! The info is that I must enable Push Notofocaiton. …..Dosnet work. WHY>?

  5. Sorry for my Bad English: guys Push doctor doesn’t have valid certs so after you activated with itunes you have a valid certs that give you apple… Go to settings, then when u press Deactivate u have imeddiately to press Activate and will pop-up Clear push click on that and you’re done!

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