How to Fix Push Notifications on Jailbroken iPhone and iPod I

If you are using a Gevey sim or any other tool to unlock your device, your push notifications are probably not working, you are not receiving notifications from Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, etc..

This fix is guaranteed to fix your push issues. And will work on all iPhones firmwares and models.

What you need:

1. Jailbroken device

2.SAM and SAM prefs (Cydia, add source,

3. iPusher (From iTunes store)

4. Push Doctor (Cydia, add source,

5. You need to know to which carrier your iPhone is locked, will go later on this


1. Open SAM from your iPhone’s settings, and go to Utilities, and click on Revert Lockdown to Stock

2. Once you do that, connect your iPhone to iTunes and you will recieve this error

3. Do not worry, everything is under control. Go back to your iPhone, and go to Method, and select Auto Detect, and reconnect your iPhone to iTunes.

1. If you are unsure which carrier your iPhone is locked to, type your IMEI number in Google and perform a little research to determine your Carrier.

2.If you know your carrier go to Method, and select by Country and Carrier, Select the Country and the Carrier from the lists. Reconnect the cable to iTunes and see if it will be unlocked. Mine was locked to Rogers, Canada and it looked like this

3. If you do not know your carrier, your best bet is to search google with your IMEI model, you can find your IMEI under settings, and about.

4. Reconnect your iPhone to iTunes and wait till your iPhone gets activated.If your carrier is correct, under SAM’s more information, your activation state must be WildcardActivated, and iTunes must accept and activate your SIM, this is a welcome message from an O2 user.

Now that your SIM is activated, we better fix your push notifications, go to part II


33 comments on “How to Fix Push Notifications on Jailbroken iPhone and iPod I

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  2. I dd all the steps but the activation state isn’t changing to Wildcard Activated. I have an iPhone 4 that i accidentally updates to base band 4.11.08 . what do i do

  3. I installed SAM and SAM pref clicked on Revert Lockdown to Stock …but i didn’t receive any error when i connected my iphone to itunes….and i have problems installing push docter…so please help!

    • If you have problems installing push doctor, that means your push certifications are not installed properly, which gives you an error when you are downloading push doctor.

      I am not sure when is the best time you can download push doctor, check this website here and check when certifications are up for download.

  4. Thanks for the reply,but i found another fix using only SAM,and it really worked!Just Go to SAM>>Utilites & then: Backup Activation>>Deactivate iPhone>>Restore after that reboot your iphone,finaly check with iPusher.And again I really appreciated your quick reply.

  5. dude whenever i press revert lockdownd to stock
    after sometime i get error sam notification stockification failure
    that should i do to solve the error please help me dude

  6. Hey, I haven’t gotten my push notifications on iPhone. It’s a 3G unlocked to Simple Mobile, The baseband is 06.15.00 and yeah, this is my first time doing this ever and I want to know if this is right for me.. I loaded up SAM And it says that my iPhone isn’t hacktivated or anything. I don’t know if that helps you.. :/

  7. hi im using a iphone 4 that was previously using a gevy sim. i updated to 5.1.1 and my firmware upgraded to 4.12.01 i have been trying all kinds of unlocks but none work. at this point i just want my push notifications to work. i went through the steps above and sam said wildcard activation and everything. but my itunes is not activating my phone…any tips???

    • Nicholas, i am sorry buddy but you are stuck till there is a gevey update to unlock your current firmware. what happened when you downloaded push doctor? did it work correctly? let me know what happened so we can continue the troubleshooting from there

  8. i wonder why after i filled in the country and carrier in method, then i connect the phone to itunes, but itunes still showing the error that showing in the early steps.. it doest not activated.. please help me..

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