iPod shuffle pausing itself?

If you are facing frustrating issues with your iPod 4th gen shuffle, such as pausing without notice, or unending buffering when using 3rd party earbuds (not apple’s), you are not the only one. I cannot complete my workouts properly lately because of my iPod’s weird behavior. I swear I did not touch any buttons too!

Check this




I looked thoroughly for an answer, with no luck! Many people are claiming that this issue happens when you are using 3rd party headphones or earbuds that are not ‘made for iPod’. I am not sure, my Klipsch image S4, more expensive than the iPod itself, is not working correctly, and only on this iPod model. I have tried it on my iPhone, my MBP, and my iPod Nano 2nd Gen with no trouble.


I haven’t tried already, but some guy mentioned this, give it a try.

‘You could have some dirt inside the female end of the connector, or you could have a bad headphone connector. Try changing to new headphones and see if that works. If not, try cleaning the inside of the connector. Put a small amount of alcohol on a cotton swab – don’t get it TOO wet, it should only be damp — and clean it with that. Wait until it’s dry and try again. If that doesn’t work, try some tuner cleaner that you can get at a place like Radio Shack.’

Another possible solution?

Try using Apple’s stock earbuds.



Frankly, if this issue is global, I do not know why iPod shuffle is in huge demand! I personally think that iPod’s stock earphones are crap. I despise them! If you have a decent listening ear, then you would certainly feel the same.

Are you have the same issue? Please share in the comments below.







8 comments on “iPod shuffle pausing itself?

  1. I am having the same issue with the same headphones. I tried using other headphones and they do not pause.

    This is a S4 issue…

  2. It isn’t an earphone issue – it’s an ipod shuffle issue. It just started happening to me. I guess one way to prevent it, if it hasn’t started happening to you yet, is to never unplug your earphones. This assumes that it is the dirt particles in the 3.5mm plug that is causing the problem; however, if it’s b/c apple makes crap hardware then we’re SOL regardless.

    The ipod earphones don’t stay in my ears so I can’t workout with them and therefore they are useless to me. 3rd gen shuffle drove me nuts b/c I couldn’t change the volume, but I didn’t complain b/c I found that one.

    • It isn’t an earphone issue since I use my earphones on other devices with no trouble. I do not know why this issue hasn’t be discussed on the internet. I hate it so much when I workout and the iPod just pauses for no reason. I don’t use it anymore anyway.

  3. It’s been two days since my first post and now my shuffle is practically useless. It pauses about every minute making it useless to me. I bought it so I could turn it on and never bother fiddling with it, but I have to press play every time it magically pauses itself. I’ve been using it less than a month!

  4. I had the same issue, but I found that if the cable is not pressed fully into the ipod shuffle, it will play for 30 sec-1 min then pause itself. If your earbud jack can go any further into the female receptor, then you’re golden… However if you use 3rd party headphones, they may not recess far enough into the shuffle causing this problem. Hope that helps!

    • Thanks for the comment buddy. I noticed the same thing. Some of the headphones are just not long enough to reach the female receptor. I paid 100 bucks for my Klipsch earbuds (more expensive than the ipod itself) and it used to give me a hard time. I have also sent Klipsch support an email stating the problem and they said there are no issues, and they didn’t even mention anything about the receptors.

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