What are the best earbuds for workout?

I am an earphones freak, and I workout almost everyday. I have tried them all, iPods stock earphones, Sony, Creative, Maximos iMetal, you name it. I got really sick of having my earphones get loose after only a couple of weeks, and especially after they break during my workout. I can honestly say that I cannot complete a workout without listening to my music. I sometimes carry an extra earphone just in case if the other one break, and they do!







After many big brands that will fail you without notice, after many earphones that will often disappoint your listening expectations (bad base, awful lows, unclear highs etc), and all the money you tried to invest on a decent pair of earphones, I laid my hands on Klipsch image S4.








They are more expensive than your average earphones, valued at 80$,  I found that they are way cheaper than many other expensive ones (Bose, Monster’s Dre Beats, Shure). You can also find a nice bargain on eBay, I bought my pair for 40$ on eBay.

Image S4 is voted number one earbuds in many websites, including CNET’s best earbuds. They offer the best sound for the money, very nice bass that will intensify your workout. They also come with ear tips that will fit nicely in your ear canal, expect them to never slip, even if you are hitting a high HIIT on a treadmill.

Klipsch Image S4 has got it for you, buy it!

Any good music that will make you go crazy in the gym? Please share in the comments below.


One comment on “What are the best earbuds for workout?

  1. After using them for a good time now, their eat tips sucks! They do not fit all ear canals, and when they get lost, you will have to pay around 20 dollars to get a replacement. I suggest investing your money in Comply ear tips T100. They are 5 dollars and you can find them on eBay. You will notice the difference instantly.

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