Google Chromebook specs

Chromebook will be released on the 15th on June. Prices range from 429 and 499 for Samsungs models, depending on 3G. Acer will also release Chrombook for 349$.

Note that Chromebook won’t have any available storage. The laptop will use cloud computing, all the data will be stored on the internet.

Google Chromebook from Samsung specs:

● 0.79-inch thin case designed for comfort and mobility
● Full-size Chrome keyboard
● Oversized multi-touch trackpad
● Intel® Core™2 Duo N570 1.66Ghz Processor
● 16:10 resolution
● 12.1-inch SuperBright Display – 36% brighter than standard display
● Starts up in less than 10-seconds
● Resumes instantly from standby
● Up to 8.5 hours battery life
● HD Webcam, built-in digital microphone and stereo speakers
● Two USB ports capable of charging mobile phones and accessories, connecting digital cameras and media storage devices
● Support for removable media cards (SD, SDHC, MMC) for photos, videos, music and documents