Why Zain Jordan Sucks?

For many reasons, their customer service suck, their prepaid service is a complete rip off, and their NEW high-speed internet is not high-speed at all, it is merely an Edge with a 3G sign.

To make it short, Zain has huge technical issues with the way they handle internet bundles and prepaid cards. Zain will keep sucking your money until they are all gone, even if you are subscribed to their monthly bundles. Every time I call their good for nothing customer service I get the same response, ” When you are connected to the internet, your remaining balance will be “Blocked” and will be returned to you”. What the guy is trying to tell me informally is that we are going to steal your money, and I know you shouldn’t pay for it, but what can you do about it? I am unable to make phone calls, cannot send SMS, all my available credits are blocked for no reason, and best of all, they are not returned to me.

I registered a technical complaint after many 5 piasters phone calls , and I was told that I shall receive a response in 24-48 hours. I haven’t received anything in 14 days. After the long patience and silence from their part. I really felt that I wanted to talk to someone, I wanted to complain, I was told that Mr. Adel Haddad handles all customer’s complaints, for only 4 million phone subscribers, I did not lose hope. I went to his office, a 50-60 years old man with 12 people already in his office. I thought to myself, this guy can never handle all those complaints, and this company really doesn’t want you to complain. I stood, and left.

Really, what can you do about it?


21 comments on “Why Zain Jordan Sucks?

  1. Hello Afrovenator,

    I am Dana Kakish from Zain. I would like to thank you for your feedback. We at Zain strive to meet our customer’s demands and provide the highest quality service. Please email us your contact details so we can get in touch with you and try to resolve this matter once and for all. Please contact us using the same email used to submit this comment.

    We apologize for any inconvenience and we look forward to getting in touch with you very soon.

    Dana Kakish.

    • Hi Dana, Thank you for your comment. I am glad someone from Zain saw this. I am not the only person having those technical difficulties with your mobile operator. Solving my problem will still remain an issue for many other users. I suggest you work on a global solution for all your members.

    • hi how you are trying to meet your customer demand
      since icame to Jordan 2 years ago and i have problems with zain asq they cheat us with the Speed of internet when they announce its 21 MB and we found its less than 1 max 2 MB even the TRC didnt help us as its business issues every one benifut no one dare to complain even the news papers refuse to put any complain as they will lose the adds from Zain
      so we stop till lat week again we had issues with Zain i add 1 GB in the site to my internet and i get it ok then in 3o minutes it reach .5 gb so i stop tp use it for 3 days i check the load i found its 0 without use it

      on the start of the mont i received a message from zain that they upload my internet as usual 5 MB so i check it it was 4:00MB then while i checking it wihtout using any thing it rech 3GB then i get msg i reach my 50% of the load and in one day i had 2GB

      the nvouice cam with the 10dinars and 3dinars load which i never used
      again i complain i had silly answeres from the customer service there answeres not related to any thing as they wotk in other industry and we are stupid to believe them

      again this is not the only thing

      we baught load for noraml phone 5 BD we try to load it it give voucher not found so we went back to zain shop in city ,mall to tell them they deny it and they say we use it how an we use 5D ion 5 minutes whwere we call show us and try to show the voucehr it say not found if we use a used voucher it give this voucher been used

      again no response from zain as they say it was successfull and the voucher was valid we still have the vouchers

      till when noone know and why the TRC not doing any thing

      for proof i have all the screen shots and emails and communications happend and calls recorded f any one interested

  2. do u think someone care
    i have the same problem speically with the customer service they can hold you for silly reason cuz they dont know
    and same word for everyone u have to come at main company to solve your problem
    really sucks

  3. Thank you for comment Louay. Even if you go to their company to resolve a dispute you will likely be turned down by the huge number of customers, and the unending queue with customers being turned down one by one.

  4. مرحبا انا اسلام عندي فلاش نت من خمس شهور بس من يوم مشتركت وهي بطيئه جدا راجعت المعرض حكولي بعد 24 ساعه بتسير تمام بس كلو حكي فاضي الرجاء المتابعه وشكرا

  5. مرحبا انا اسلام عندي فلاش نت من خمس شهور بس من يوم مشتركت وهي بطيئه جدا راجعت المعرض حكولي بعد 24 ساعه بتسير تمام بس كلو حكي فاضي الرجاء المتابعه وشكرا رقم 0797947155

  6. You can tell from Dana’s replies that their service sucks. Look at the date difference between each reply.

  7. you can tell that their service sucks from Dana’s reply. look at the date difference between each reply.

    Dana May 12
    Afrovenator May 15
    Dana June 22 <<—- ??? :/ o_0

  8. Hello all,
    Love your coments but especially the coments of the representative of Zain that want’s to solve your problem!!!lol
    Zain wants you to go to their main office, take off from your work, spend an hour or 2 there, and end up frustrated for getting no answers from Customer Service representatives who has no answers or authority to solve your problems, but are skilled to menover to thow the blame back at you.
    Phone customer care are just as skilled in frustrating you.
    Companies like Zain loves Jordan because they know they will not be held accountable by any regulatory laws.

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  10. I have been frustrated by this company one time too many, i mean where do they pick their call center employees from, my best guess the monkeys section in a zoo.

    all they are good at is trying as much politely as possible to tell you to go to hell.
    one of the funniest incidents i have been through, is that my phone kept receiving 11 SMS at the exact moment from zain every Tuesday at 2:00 am, I mean it got so annoying that i forced myself to go through the agony of talking to one of their call center employees, with very little hope that he will even try to understand.
    and so i did, and i have spent more than 20 minutes explaining that i keep receiving these 11 messages about my zain tarif, and when i finally convinced the call center employee, he told me he is goint to put a note for one of their IT people so he can fix the issue.
    I said to myself wooow, finally it worked, it actually worked, i am actually going to get my problem solved and beleive me it was worth the 1 JOD that was deducted from my account ( 5 piastres a minute what a rip off), so i received a call from their IT department 2 days later, and do you know what the guy on the other end said.
    ” After investigating the matter, we deduced that you have no issue at all, and so we closed your ticket”
    What the hell, i was really shocked, i mean if this is what their IT support is saying no wonder their call center is useless.
    it has been more than 2 years now and till the day i receive 11 SMS messages every tuesday at 2:00 am

  11. Alaa. I thought I sent you a reply earlier. Thank you for your comment. Zain does not really give a damn about you and me. They are making millions in the telecom industry, one or two customers with voices to complain mean nothing to them.

    It is probably not related but definately interconnected. Any established service provider in Jordan, weather its is mobile company, a restaurant, or even a supermarket do not give a damn about satisfying their customers on the long run.Think about it this way, how many level A restaurants in Jordan have the exact same taste of food every time you visit them! The problem lies with a very basic fact, which is sad to an extinct; they do not appreciate your money.

    Yesterday I was invited to an Italian restuarant, which is supposedly one of the top in Jordan (Romero), an old established restaurant in Jabal Amman, and I was really shocked with the bad service they offer. When you pay a large sum of money, you expect to have a certain level of quality, which was never fulfilled (more about this later). Established service providers in Jordan are very good in making their products look good (Fancy looking menus, dressed up waiters, etc etc) but they lack the most fundamental core, which is again appreciating the money you give them!

    I really hate it when Zain does not even apologize of their recent very high dropping calls. Once they have us, they think they can retains us as customers forever. This really has to change, as a country with really nothing to produce, nothing to give. Services should be high quality, and companies have to understand this for a fact. We are not stupid, and there are other choices. I do not mind changing my phone number any time of the day.

    I guess you are having the best 2 AM alaram anyone can wish for, so enjoy it for the time being 🙂 have a good day!

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