Say BYE to Skype

Microsoft will announce its acquisition of Skype tomorrow said many sources. Skype is going to be integrated in Windows Live and other Microsoft online services, including Kinect. Skype will be sold for 8.5 billion dollars, including the firm’s debt and losses of millions of dollars. With Skype valued at 2.75 billion, this is definitely a huge profit for the firm.

Microsoft has been long struggling in the internet world, with Google dominating the search engines with more than 65%. Microsoft is making most of its profits from Windows and Office software. Microsoft is in a deep need to retain their customers, and with Skype’s almost 700 million registered users, Microsoft will play in a new Arena, but the price is still very high.

Many customers coming from Skype are not potential customers to Microsoft. Skype is ranked number 26 on the top 100 free apps on iTune’s store, downloading Skype on their iPod’s, iPhone’s and iPad’s.Skype is also downloaded for free on smart phone, and Android OS.

Will Skype be free and available for everyone? Let us wait and see.


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