iPhone tech support in Amman, Jordan

We provide the cheapest method to Jailbreak or Unlock your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

We provide on spot services, anytime anywhere in Amman, Jordan.

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29 comments on “iPhone tech support in Amman, Jordan

  1. good day people!!!!im mike.a filipino, working here in amman jordan.a couple of weeks ago,i had a problem in my iphone.i tried to search in the net of somebody who can fix the software of my mobile.luckily,i found this site.i took the number from here and i called.then somebody rendered me a service for iphone repair.at first,i thought that hes just fooling me.he took my phone and give his iphone for a replacement while waiting for mine to be fix.the next day,he gave me back my mobile that is well fixed.im so glad i had my iphone back to its normal function again.thanks so much VIN DIESEL(the guy who fix my phone is look like him hehehe)!!!!more power to you.i hope that you can help more people who have an iphone problem..shokran buddy!!!!

    • Before a few days my I Pad needed a technical support . I found the number here and a few comments too! So I called and a kind young man Omar came to my home, fixed the problem, and gave me some advices too!
      Thanks Omar, I wormly recommended this man if anybody needs help. Quickly, professionally and reasonable price!!!

  2. Hi i just bought my iphone around 5 months ago I accidently dropped it yesterday and now the screen has a crack, the phone works perfectly fine but theres a crack on the top can you replace my iphone 4s screen and how much does it cost please inform me as soon as possible thanx

    • I am very sorry for the late reply. If you haven’t solved the issue, I suggest you to do two things. Your iPhone is still probably under warranty, you can take it to any service provider in Amman, iSystems in Sweifieh, Multivision on Madina street or the one in smartbuy. You can check the statue of your warranty by visiting apple.com go to support and follow the instructions.

      Let me know what happens next.

      • I bought it from mobily a phone company which is like zain but i will be coming to amman next week i will check with i system and with smart buy i have asked to fix ot here in ksa at a regular phone shop they said it will cost me 40 dinar because mobily said the warranty is not valid for a broken screen

      • You have to check it out anyway. If the guarantee did not work, I suggest you don’t repair the screen from those stores, they will overcharge you, instead go to the 7th circle, phone maker. They are good there.

  3. hey Afrovenator i have iphone 4s locked from UK, now im in jordan how can i unlock it so i can use it here ?

  4. Hi Afrovenator,
    I am travelling from Pakistan to Jordan. Wanted to check if jail breaked iphone will work perfectly in Jordan. Also, i would be really thankful if you could advise about the best package for one month with unlimited GPRS/EDGE – service provider, package and approx. cost.

    • Hi Waleed, Jailbroken iPhone are not restricted to countries, so you can use your iPhone with no trouble anywhere. But if your iPhone is locked to some Carrier in Pakistan, you might need to unlock it.

      I am not sure about the best offers in Amman, as I am not residing there at the moment. But last time I checked, Zain was the cheapest, with bad quality and customer service. Orange has better overall quality and might not more expensive than Zain. Internet and telecommunications in general are cheap in Jordan.

      Let me know if you need other help regarding your stay in Amman, and best od luck!

  5. Hi Afrovenator,
    I will be on Sept 28th in Amman. My Iphone has two problems : the screen is cracked and I can’t see anything because it is now white with a black stain. Do you think it will be possible to fix it? How much it will cost? Thanks and bye ! Céline.

    • Hey Celine. Welcome to Jordan 🙂

      You mentioned that you have two problems, but you only mentioned it. Anyhow, what is your iPhone’s version? It can definitely be fixed. You just need to change your screen, screen prices range from 80 to 100 JD’s depending on your iPhone.

  6. Hi
    I jailbreak my phone today but looks like i messed up smth and now while trying to restore it in itunes – it stucked in boot and give me a msg “this built is elligible” and not recognized by itunes. I ve tried editing host file and tiny umbrella, but nothing works. too bad i m leaving to vacation in 5 hours 😦

  7. I cannot express how i m grateful for this forum and Specially for Mr.Ahmad! My Iphone got bricked and died from the wrong jailbreak – few hours before the important flight and i m out of any connection… In early morning he responded my phone call and fixed everything better than new. Professionalism and love to his work and hobby saved me a week of misery! My congrats for a great job and many many thanx for Ur kindness!

  8. I just dropped my screen and the whole screen cracked, although albeit it still functions and works well – the front camera is obviously destroyed. I am from the US and I do have a warranty, where do I go? If I want to get the screen fixed do I just tell a cab driver 7th circle – the Phone Maker? Thank you.

  9. Few days ago, I had a problem with my I phone. The screen simply went black and no response picture or audio. I was so frustrated because I purchased my phone from the US not locally. I didnot know what to do. I finally start to search the net and was lucky to find the statement: “We provide on spot services, anytime anywhere in Amman, Jordan”. I thought it is just a fake but i have no other option but to call the phone number 0798114158. A very nice young man answer and was talking with authority and confidence. I finally met him and surely with less than one hour the problem was solved and I was very happy to meet this highly bright and educated youngman. His name: Omer Olwan and his phone number is mentioned abov. I highly recommend him if you have problems with your Iphone.

    Best regards

    Dr. Engr. Mahmoud Tabbal

  10. hi there , i just bought my i phone 5, tow months ago and i am having a problem with wifi connection , i have to stay near by the router at the same room actually to get the single . 😦
    do you have any idea how to fix this problem ?

    best regards

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