Things to make sure you do before before upgrading, or restoring your iPhone

There are millions of guides to restore and upgrade your iPhone. But they all fail to tell you the one simple truth. That you might wipe out your entire contacts, which is a pain in the a## if you happen to have many contacts and you simple forgot to back them up. You will also lose your favorite apps, your Cydia apps, assuming you are using a Jailbroken device.

I decided to write this detailed tutorial on how to effectively backup your iDevice, and make sure you are also carrying your important stuff to your new restore, or upgrade.

To make this tutorial useful, I am assuming the following

1. You are using an iPhone (of course)

2. You are using a jailbroken device (who does not)

3. You are using Mac OS X

Also, I want to make sure that you download the following free apps

1. iPhone Explorer [Website here]

2. AptBackup [from your iPhone on cydia]


Now that you have everything in place, let’s get started. We will start by iPhone explorer.

1. Open iPhone Explorer, connect your iPhone, it must be shown on the menu, like this

iPhone explorer tutorial

2. Double click on your device,

and navigate to Root/Var/Mobile/Library,/and Address book, There will be two files

Addressbook.sqlitedb and


Make sure you copy or drag those 2 files to your desktop. We are finished with the address book, there will be no way you will lose your contacts when you upgrade or restore your iPhone.

3. Go to your iPhone, and open AptBackup, that you have downloaded from Cydia.

4. Click backup, and go to iTunes on your Mac and Backup. You have now backed up your Cydia applications.

5. The last step involves your applications. The easy way is to right-click on your iPhone, and click on Transfer Purchases.

6. You are done, you can safely upgrade or restore your iPhone.


Now to get back your contacts and Cydia applications

7. Open iPhone explorer, and go to Root/Var/Mobile/Library/Address book and replace the

Addressbook.sqlitedb and


with the ones you have already saved from our backup process.

8. Download AptBackup, and click on restore.


You are done!



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