Use iPhone’s internet connection on your mac!

IF you are always on the road, there is a high possibility that you will have no internet connection on your laptop. Luckily, there is a way that you can use your fast mobile internet connection with a little program called Tether. You should have a jailbroken iPhone device to install Tether. Tether’s use is relatively easy to set up if you are running on mac. Here is a step by step tutorial

1. Download Tether ( Add Source

2.Go to Settings on your mac, Network, open Network Name, and Create Network, name it anything, call it Sexybeast for now.

3.Now go to your iPhone, settings, Wifi, and connect to Sexybeast.

4. Now open Tether app on your iPhone. and save the ip address and the port you will see on the screen.

5. Go back to your back, click on Airport on settings, and go to Advanced

6. Go to Socks, write down the ip address you copied from Tether, and also the port address

7. You are done! Enjoy

Please note that the connection will be slow if your iPhone is using Edge to connect to the internet. Use 3G for a faster connection. Also, when you finish with the iPhone internet tether connection you just created. Do not forget to go back to Advanced in Settings, and untick the Socks connection, and tick it back when you want to use your iPhone’s connection again.


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