How to replace damaged apps on Mac

I spent a good time trying to fix my Dictionary app on my Mac pro. It can be time consuming and complex, and there is no good how-to on Google. The Dictionary app is a preloaded app on all Leopard OS, and I found mine not to be working today. I tried to locate it and download it on the internet but with no luck. The best thing to do if you have a problem with your Mac apps is to download them again from the CD. Follow those steps:


1- Both CD’s that came with you Mac

2- Pacifist- A shareware that costs 20$ but you can use it for free. You can find it here

Pacifist does can locate all the .pkg and .app files on the Application install DVD and Mac OS X install DVD. A very neat piece of software that saves you time from having to download all the apps or even having to reinstall the OS

Let us begin

1. Launch Pacifist

2. Click on Open Apple Install discs (it will be Grey if the DVD is not loaded)

3. It will take a couple of minutes to load, after its loaded, go up right in the search and type whatever you are looking for. In my case, I looked for

4. Most of the apps are located in the OS X installation disc, but if you are looking for programs like iPhoto and iMovie, then you should try to look for the Application disc.


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