iPhone battery draining

An easy fix to iPhone 3gs battery drain

The reason behind the really quick battery draining is that the newest iPad firmware 06.15.00 keeps looking for certificates on the internet, weather by wi-fi or by your cellular date.There are two ways to fix this.You can either borrow a legitimate AT&T and activate your iPhone, or you can purchase an authentic at&t sim card from eBay, they cost almost nothing.

The other way around is from a hacker named Sam Bingner, what you need to do is the following:

1.Have an unlocked and jailbroken iPhone 3gs 4.1, or 4.2
2. Go to Cydia
3.Go to manage, sources and Add
4.Add this source http://www.repo.bingner.com
5.Go to source and download SAM and SAM prefs
6.Restart your iPhone
7.Now, what you have to do is rejailbreak your iPhone with the newest redsn0w for windows here or mac here. Please note that you must have your iPhone version already on your pc because you need to point it out in the first process of redsn0w
8.Go to the step where you press on deactivate

9.Now, you have iphone sim deactivated, you need to go to your iPhone settings, and open SAM, and press on activate
10.Finally, Open iTunes, and enjoy!

You will get a notification saying that your iPhone is activated.If this does not happen, you need to reinstall ultrasn0w 1.2! go to Cydia and download or re-download it.


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